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E-platforms and e-libraries

In 2020, the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians began approving high quality e-platforms and e-libraries. Should you be an educational provider interested in seeking approval please find more information here.

Adding E-Platforms/E-Libraries on the CPD Diary 

These large e-learning resources may be visited on multiple occasions. After you revisit an e-library or e-platform, we advise that you update the first entry for that resource in your CPD Diary for the year in question. Select the title of that resource, then the ‘Reflections’ tab to add additional reflections and adjust the number of credits. The maximum character count is just over 1000 per question and all text will appear on your Reflection Report. At present if you record more than 10 external approved distance learning credits, the additional credits will appear as personal credits. Work is in progress to address this to allow unlimited external approved distance learning credits.

Approved e-platforms/e-libraries on the CPD Diary

BMJ Best Practice


EDEN (Effective Diabetes Education Now)




Web-based Colon Capsule Training Course


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