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Provide a CPD event or activity

We approve external CPD events (live events, live-streamed events, webinars) and distance learning for physicians.




To provide a CPD event or activity, you need to apply for approval first. Read through the appropriate guidance below and email for queries and access details to the application portal.

Retrospective applications

We strongly recommend applications are submitted at least two months in advance of the event date. We will not consider approving events when the application is received more than six weeks after the event has taken place.

Conflict/Declaration of interests

Where any sponsorship is declared on the application, it is mandatory to provide conflict of interest or competing interest declarations attached to the application under step 6. This requirement is to ensure that we are approving the best quality educational meetings for CPD without any bias in favour of the sponsoring company that may detract from the educational content being delivered.

Principles of rounding CPD hours to the nearest whole number of hours (and credits)
The Federation provides 1 credit for each hour of CPD provided. We do not at present provide half credits, therefore the number of hours for credit purposes is rounded to the nearest number of whole hours. Where an event goes over the number of whole hours by less than 30 minutes, the number of hours (and therefore credits) is rounded down e.g. 6hrs 29 minutes is rounded down to 6hrs. Where an event goes over the whole hours by 30 minutes or more the number of hours (and therefore credits) is rounded up e.g. 6hrs 30 minutes is rounded up to 7hrs.



Live events 

Distance learning

E-libraries & e-platforms

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